Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feels Like Starting Over

It also feels like I have just begun. :)

I finally have what I've been needing- time.

Time to breathe.
Time to recollect my thoughts and reconnect with my heart.
Time to be with family and friends.

Time to meet new people and let go of whatever was holding me back from doing that.

Time to . . .
I feel like I am living an undiscovered life. One where I'm not working all the time and instead pushing toward the life I want.

And it's hard.
Uncertainty clouds my joy at times, but He is with me.
I wonder if this is all crazy - quitting my job and redesigning the ground rules of my life- and already know that it is.


It all feels worth it.
I'll have no regrets.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Who would have thought? And where to begin?
(I'm fine and had no damage.)

Nashville is under water.

Today is Tuesday and it is a beautiful day. Such a testimony that His mercies are new each morning. Yet such a temptation for me to forget that there are people whose business will close as a result of this past weekend's severe storms, or have to start over- losing precious memories along with common day comforts. Nashville is coming together to provide needed supplies for displaced people and starting the process of cleaning up and assessing damages.

My camera phone pics.

These first two pictures are of a golf course!

Next three pictures are from Hermitage- down the street from where my friend Rebecca lives.

These last two pictures were taken 1/2 mile from my apartment.

This video is of local footage around where I live.
More Pictures

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Break through . . .

I have walked through this last month a bit dazed. Was hope on the horizon or another hill to climb?

People have been asking me questions that I just don't have the answers to. But I have one now. :)

My friend Julie has offered me a place to live, rent free. I know . . . crazy cool, right? This act of generosity has restored my waning confidence in this new chapter of life.

A friend of mine writes a blog and a recent post felt like my life.

(You should go back and read it.)

Church has felt like an obligation and frankly, pretty boring. I am not involved in a Bible study currently and have felt so far away from God's Word. I wish I could say this was a recent development. But then came church on Sunday.

Unexplainable comfort.

The message was called "Learning to Swim." I linked to it so I could share with you the encouragement I received. He met me right where I was, when I couldn't take anymore, with words that spoke clearly to my heart.

I pray the same comfort and passion over you and a soft landing in His arms as you take your leap of faith.