Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Break through . . .

I have walked through this last month a bit dazed. Was hope on the horizon or another hill to climb?

People have been asking me questions that I just don't have the answers to. But I have one now. :)

My friend Julie has offered me a place to live, rent free. I know . . . crazy cool, right? This act of generosity has restored my waning confidence in this new chapter of life.

A friend of mine writes a blog and a recent post felt like my life.

(You should go back and read it.)

Church has felt like an obligation and frankly, pretty boring. I am not involved in a Bible study currently and have felt so far away from God's Word. I wish I could say this was a recent development. But then came church on Sunday.

Unexplainable comfort.

The message was called "Learning to Swim." I linked to it so I could share with you the encouragement I received. He met me right where I was, when I couldn't take anymore, with words that spoke clearly to my heart.

I pray the same comfort and passion over you and a soft landing in His arms as you take your leap of faith.