Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ode to the Jacks'

I now enjoy the look and feel of my classroom.


About a week before school started Joel and Karen Jacks came to help me in my classroom. You know, moving desks and cleaning the dust that settles when children aren't present.

Did I mention that Karen was on vacation? Joel was doing the songwriter thing out here in Nashville. (He's great by the way.)

Upon walking into my classroom and seeing the prison gray walls, Karen looked lost in thought.

"I want to paint."


"I want to paint. This room."

The rest was a flurry of motion running through Target, Lowes, and Wallmart. Six hours and several repeat listenings of Jordan Sparks entire CD later (Battlefield! Battlefield! Battlefield!) they had given me a beautiful, warmly inviting classroom.

I love their servant hearts and ability to not just IMAGINE, but bring it to fruition.

Thank you.

Thank you.