Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To . . .

Meet my community group! Katie held an Oscar party complete with ballots and prizes. I won for my best picture pick. (Thank Darren!)

Megan made delicious brownies! Rachael is in the background. She is an amazing singer! Check her out on myspace. Her full name is Rachael Hurt. Don't have the link on me.

Kelsey has Oscar worthy hair!

Liegh won Batman pencils for her pick for best supporting actor

Here we are holding our own Oscars. Sorry to cut you off Christy! Katie, why you hiding, girl? :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


For my first experience with my community group (Bible study group) I was invited to a dinner. The guy group made an extravagant meal and wouldn't let us help at all. Seriously. I couldn't even get my own water. A girl could really get spoiled out here. :) Towards the end we were introduced to an awesome new type of workout called "Zumba" which is Latin for "dance." I have since taken a class and LOVE it more than words! After you watch this video you'll probably be checking out your local YMCA for the next available class too! More pics to come. . .

PS I am only showing you the highlights of life out here. There is still plenty of loneliness and life lessons that I wish I could be going through with dear friends. But enough of that. I think I will just watch the video again, too!

Wind Storm

Here is a picture of what happened at a student's house yesterday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammy's!

By a fluke I ended up at an official Grammy party last night. It was invite only at the Hard Rock Cafe. I have a laminate and a few pictures to prove it. I ran into some people I had met at my songwriter Expos and met more industry people. No one else was taking pictures (except with their iPhone!) so I looked like the "invited" guest I was when I did. I had to pull back a play it cool. ;) I had a great time eating free food and Shirley Temples. There was even an ice sculpture of the Grammy symbol! Awesome!

How did I get in here?! :)

Faking celebrity

Erick and I contemplating Grammy greatness.

Joy and Patricia: Durango Song Expo Buddies

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, it happened. This time there is no quick response or answer. I am locked out of my classroom on a Sunday- keys, wallet, and phone inside. I have been able to use the phone and start chasing down phone numbers. There are snacks in a draw and change for a soda. Luckily I know the woman who sits here and I can already hear her saying, "I'm glad I had supplies for you!"

What is the lesson here? Always take your keys with you? Never come to work on the weekends? If you don't take time off God will make it happen? Memory decreases with age? Hmmm . . .

:) Help!