Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photos are in!

You can see them all by checking out myspace. Just click on albums :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

AR stands for Arkansas

Once I made the plan to road trip it to Texas, I quickly realized that I would be able to visit my dear friend, Treva in Conway, AR. TREVA Treva's Music

She was a gracious hostess and we had a blast hanging out, writing a new song, watching Flight of the Concords, and making delicious food in her fabulous kitchen. We went to church on Sunday in a room above an Italian restaurant - a first for me - that was located in, I kid you not, Toad Suck Square. Did I mention that Conway, AR is the home of Kris Allen?! All the signs around town will quickly acquaint you with that fact. :)

For the camera

For real :)

Delicious Pancake Breakfast. I have discovered how much I enjoy coffee with Creme Brulee creamer. Ummmm.

Can you guess the secret ingredient in this cake recipe?

He was the only single guy there . . .

Josh, Treva's husband, teaching the guys the ropes.

Winston doing the dishes.

Josh looking cool with his genuine Cuban cigar. He is a geologist and spent a lot of time teaching me about the earth and answering my questions. We even went on a little field trip. :)

Deep in the Heart of Texas

This past week I ventured on my own to Hutto, TX to visit my best friend, Rachel, and her boys. It was so much fun! I was inducted very quickly into the life of a full time mommy and was so impressed with the way Rachel had it organized. Her energy and sweetness with her children blew me away. I literally had to take a nap one day while mommy of two, wife to Ian, professional photographer, house manager, meal maker KEPT GOING.

One thing that I am not thankful for is a new addiction. The Bachelorette. Poor Reed. :( Rach and Ian let me crash their date night and we all watched it together. Our Mormon moment. ;)

Photo shoot - pics TBA
Feeding Joaquin a bottle and involuntary tears came to my eyes
Playing with Elijah and becoming his buddy
Dairy Queen Blizzard!
Shopping in downtown Austin
Deep heart talks with Rach
Candlelight dinner- making the everyday something to celebrate
Holding kiddos
Learning so much about motherhood
Seeing Sarah

You teach me about love and Grace with your friendship and inviting me into your life. I love you, girl!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Looking Back

Dear Friends and Family,

A year ago yesterday I arrived with Krissy with my U-haul in tow to Nashville, TN. One whole year ago. 365 days. 525, 600 minutes as the famous musical has ingrained in our brains. You also mark that time by events in your own lives. It's so interesting see time in fast forward as we look back. There has been movement. :)

* I moved here without a job. I begin my second year at Crockett Elementary school in August.
* I have moved two times and now have a roommate.
* I struggled with finances and a paycut. I will be debt free by August. (Thank you Dave Ramsey)
* I have a wonderful companion cat named Smudge who is patient while i figure things out. She has comforted my tears and snuggled on cold nights.
* I have a church that challenges me in good ways
* I have met Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath and Sarah Buxton :) Other industry peeps, too.
* I have been knocked around and turned down but I am still here (That's how the meeting turned out with the AR guy by the way.)
* I went home to CA 4 times! What can I say, I miss you guys!
* Val came to visit . . . twice!
* I am learning what it means to have an authentic and immovable faith. Pain required. Questions unanswered. Surrender.
* Making new friends takes time. Who would have thought?!
* Went to Durango songwriter's expo. Going to GMA Immerse event end of July.
* Wrote and recorded some music. I really like "Alive" and "You" www.myspace.com/carolynrosemiller
* No cuts yet, guys. :) But who knows what next year holds.

Love to all,

PS Send along your year in review. Love to hear!
PPS Thanks for praying. I have been strengthened and deeply encouraged by them!