Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here is the latest blog from Haiti for the APparent Project

If you can help . . .

This is from a good friend of mine:

Our friends, the Clays, run and orphanage and other ministries in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Please pray for Corrigan & Shelley, their family and the orphans and kids they lead. They came through the earthquake alive but their buildings are not safe to return to. Last night they slept on the street and have reported that t...he conditions where they live are very bad.

If you want to get involved with helping in Haiti I can think of no better people to support than people who are on-the-ground with the orphans and poor already. Check out their web site at

Thanks for spreading the word and helping out!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Day(s)


What a long absence from blogging. I think I was so frustrated with work that I stopped taking the time to capture the FUN and sweet moments. No more!

Snow Days

Let's talk about the glorious unexpected, unearned, and perfectly indulgent gift that is a snow day.

I am unashamed to say that I slept peacefully for most of the first one. Nowhere to be. A day without lesson plans or convincing a student to care about inner and outer planets.

Just a slender covering of white and the peace that comes and whispers, "Take this day. Rest." So I did. I made biscuits . . .It was very domestic of me.

Smudge loves the snow and continued begging to go outside.
She looked frosty out there. I made her come in shortly after.

Work returns tomorrow, Monday, but I am re-created and ready. As it should be. :)