Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ha Ha Ha! Awwww . . . and sigh moments
Awwww and sigh.
Coryn greeted me at the door with a plate that had brownies, a rose, and a lit candle. She also made me a killer CD. (Did I leave that in your car, Ren?) Doesn't get better than that. She makes some seriously awesome brownies! Isn't she pretty?!

Definitely a Sigh moment- the Beach and In N Out

Sigh . . .

awww and sigh
Visiting Grandma. This is a picture of her and Grandpa after their wedding.

Awwww and Ha ha ha. He tore off the heads of the little chicks.

All of the above.

Love her!

My mom is fun and beautiful! What a combo!

What a sport. Coryn licked those, yes licked, and put them on his glasses. The baby gets away with everything! Spoken like a true middle child.
Oh California!

Ode to Val

How do you thank a friend who travels across the country, encourages you to ignore her while you write with friends who are also in town, wakes you up with Starbucks, and is generally up for anything? Valerie Wayne, I love you and want to tell the world that you are a friend sent from God who encouraged me greatly when I was down. Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!

Where's Smudge? She blends in with Val's strategic outfit.

Radner Lake

Late night Walgreen's/Walmart run. See Val's blog!

Awww . . .

Miss you already!

Spring Break

I can't remember a time when I've needed a break more than I did this year. From a cross country move, losing a month of summer (I know, poor me), making all kinds of living and financial adjustments, and missing friends and family, I was worn out. Thankfully God sent me amazing friends and good times!

Jeffrey Steele at Tin Pan. This guy's energy was unreal! He writes most of the hits in Nashville. :) You might have seen him most recently on Nashville Star as a judge.
Radner Lake- a state park 10 min from my house.

Writing a fun song. Not that you can tell by my face. I think I was trying to be cool. Proof that I shouldn't do that.

Kailee and Joel. Songwriters and friends!

What it takes to write a great song. :)